How to Predict the Winner of the EPL?


How to Predict the Winner of the EPL?

The English Premier League is undoubtedly the most interesting and exciting football competition in the world. It features some of the world's biggest football players and managers and fans enjoy the matches as much as betting enthusiasts enjoy the Bet365 2017 bonus.

However, as exhilarating and interesting as the EPL can be, predicting its winner is one of the most difficult things a punter must do. This is because each year there are at least 4 teams fighting for the title and often this title fight goes down to the wire.

In this article we will look at several strategies on how to predict the winner of the EPL by using the information available to the regular punter.

Look for Cohesion in the Squad

The EPL is the most popular football competition in the world for a reason. In it, the most expensively assembled squads will never win the league unless there is cohesion and unity in the dressing room.

Teams such as Manchester United in 2016-2017 and Manchester City in 2015-2016 are good examples of this.  These two clubs spent heavily in the summer prior to the last two seasons and they still failed to win the league in the season which followed. Instead Leicester City and Chelsea piped them to the title.

This is because Claudio Ranieri and Antonio Conte built cohesive teams out of Leicester and Chelsea and when the business end of the season came these two teams were up for the challenge. When in trouble, teams such as these, always put a collective effort to get themselves out of a dangerous situation together.

So don't always go for the most expensively assembled squads and choose harmony over astronomical wages to help you in your quest of predicting the EPL winner.

Excitement Does Not Equate Success

It is often said that the teams that win ugly are the teams that usually win titles. This statement has proven to be correct many times in the EPL and most of the time the team which this was meant for was either Chelsea or Manchester United.

In the seasons in which these two teams won the EPL there were teams which played much more attractive football, such as Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City. However, when it came to collecting the all important three points and grinding out victories, Ferguson's and Mourinho's teams were without a match.

You Don't Win Trophies with Kids

This statement has been used and said so often that it has turned into a cliché. However, cliché or no cliché, it is definitely true to this day, as there have been some magnificent teams, such as Arsenal or Tottenham which have had tremendous players, but because of the low average age of their squads, they failed to win the EPL.

If you think that a team has a good chance of winning the EPL, first check the players respective ages. Youth is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is often related to inexperience and inexperience is costly when push comes to shove.